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James Daniel Marrs Ritchey
Location: Canada


I use GitLab to host my website, and for various projects (eg: documents, code).
  • Registered: July 27, 2020.
I use Reddit for blogging (if it's too big for Twitter), and posting how to articles. I don't write much of this stuff anymore so there's very litte here.
  • Registered: February 29, 2020.
  • Karma (Highest Ever): 53,140 (Last updated: Y2021M10D10).
This is my alt Reddit account. I use it primarily for posting in subs I moderate.
  • Registered: July 10, 2021.
This is another alt Reddit account of mine.
  • Registered: November 13, 2021.
I use Twitter for random thoughts, and opinions I want to share. Mostly nothing too serious.
  • Registered: March 28, 2021.
I use YouTube for vlogging, and short clips (usually of nature).
  • Registered: January 7, 2016.
  • Channels:
    • James Daniel Marrs Ritchey
      I use this channel mostly for posting short nature clips.
      • Registered: June 28, 2021.
    • James Daniel Marrs Ritchey
      I used this channel mostly for vlogging. This was my first serious channel so it involved a lot of learning, and figuring things out. Needless to say some of my videos were kinda embarrassing, or really lame. Still, it was fun. I've since deleted a lot of videos, but have held back on the urge to delete the entire channel.
      • Registered: January 7, 2016.
      • Subscribers (Highest Ever): 1085 (Last updated: Y2021M10D9).
      • Channel Views (Highest Ever): 657,720 (Last updated: Y2021M10D9).
      • Most Views an Upload Has Recieved (Highest Ever): 228,347 (Last updated: Y2021M10D9).
      • Most Likes an Upload Has Recieved (Highest Ever): 9,009 (Last updated: Y2021M10D9).
I used DeviantArt to share artwork, but I never got very into it.
  • Registered: 2018.
  • Profile Views (Highest Ever): 538,688 (Last updated: Y2021M10D9).
  • Most Views an Upload Has Recieved: 379K (Last updated: Y2021M10D9).
  • Registered: January 13, 2020.
  • Xper Level: 4 (Last updated: Y2021M10D9).
  • Xper Points (Highest Ever): 749 (Last updated: Y2021M10D9).
  • Registered: December 9, 2020.
I used Blogger for writing, vlogging, code, documents, and hosting my website.
  • Registered: February, 2015.
  • Blogs:
    • James Daniel Marrs Ritchey
      I used this blog for sharing anything, and everything I wanted to post online.
      • Registered: February, 2015.
      • Blog Views: 6,796 (Last updated: Y2021M10D9).
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  • Registered: 2019.

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